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Filed with Better Business Bureau (small edits to supply clear date information, and minor clarifications) | Erie construction visited my home cold-calling about roof repair. That I need it is pretty obvious at a glance. The estimators showed up a day or two later, and wrote up a contract, with a specific price hastily written in on the back of a multi-part form. The form contains no date, nor does it contain an official statement that this estimate is binding. Estimators did not supply a copy of their warranty, which I had to snap with my cellphone. My personal notes indicate this estimate took place on April 05, 2018. I told them that it would be several weeks before I got back to them as I wanted to get more estimates. I also repeatedly declined to “sign now!” after repeated pressure and minor incentives. | After several days, I began receiving phone calls on a daily basis. I let the phone calls go to voicemail after the first one or two; no messages from them were ever left on voicemail. As I finally told them during one of these daily calls (on a date between April 12 and April 17), “I am not moving forward because my mother is dying.” The rep I spoke with at that time seemed sympathetic and promised that I would be placed on on the “no call” list. | My mother died April 18, 2018, at about 1 a.m. April 19, I was trying to coordinate funeral plans in a city 1500+ miles away and an extended visit to care for my elderly father, and they called again. The woman insisted on reading through her script, and refusing to let me say anything except responses to her questions: “Were the reps courteous, on time, what did you think of our product, blah, blah, blah.” She badgered me to tell her what price I was quoted, asking numerous times (and claiming their “system had changed” so she did not have that information available); I declined after numerous requests. Finally, she asked “why aren’t you moving forward with this project?'” My response: “because my mother died yesterday, and you are badgering me.” She hung up without so much as a “sorry for your loss.” | I have blocked this company’s number on my phone, and frankly I do not want to hear from them ever again. I cannot and will not in any way forgive this incredibly insensitive, rude behavior. There is no apology possible. I do not want to be tempted to say vile things to them if they call again. I want no contact. I do want this information known, and have filed a report with my local police department in case any soliciting permits, etc. can be revoked.

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  1. Flor Barbati
    June 17, 2020

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