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This isn’t who you *really* are. Life looks great on the outside, but nothing you’ve achieved feels ‘good enough’. Fake friendships, walking on eggshells, + losing yourself in toxic relationships – you always end up heartbroken. Maybe you’re just too damaged, unlovable? So you try harder to find happiness, but it doesn‚Äôt work. You‚Äôre left exhausted, overwhelmed, + resentful. The critic inside your head makes you feel judged, small, insecure – like a fraud. Stop listening to it and break free of the rut you’re in, so you can say, “Goodbye anxiety, stress, feeling insecure, depression, heartbreak, people-pleasing, perfectionism! And…Hello calm, confidence, authenticity, fulfillment, resilience, + gratitude.” Getting you there is my specialty. Modern pressures make your hopes +aspirations seem out of reach. Not true, though. I’ve successfully helped professionals, entrepreneurs, + aspiring leaders (like you) that “want to be happy” + aren’t sure what changes to make in their lives.Let’s work together to make *happy* your reality. Because you deserve an epic life. Psychotherapy with integrated assessment, coaching, + Daring Way(tm) principles can help you get there. Fully Bilingual. Evening Hours. Visit to schedule a free phone consult or call (786) 250-6769 now. Seriously, let’s talk + see if we’re a good fit.

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