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Sometimes we find ourselves lost or stuck and feeling unable to move forward. It’s in these times where we need support, someone to help us find our way. It is OK to reach out and so important to take care of ourselves. It might seem difficult to do but everyone at some time needs help. Reaching out is an act of courage and can be the start to finding yourself and moving forward once again. Committing to therapy can be the first step and I would be honored to support you on this journey.I specialize in change work for personal growth & self actualization. As an empathetic professional, I bring genuine care & commitment to my clients. I am dedicated to the release of self limiting beliefs, the healing of emotional wounds and the development of skills to create internal peace, happiness & fulfillment in life.I take a humanistic approach, working under the philosophy that all people have the right to respect and dignity. Recognizing that each of us has a light inside that just needs to be uncovered. Once that happens, it can be used to find the path to self fulfillment and happiness.

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