Erin Grantham

Erin Grantham

Paid Erin Grantham $4000 (of a $6800 total) to start renovations on our bathroom. He indicated that the $4000 was for purchase of materials which were never delivered. He did a couple weeks work but then stopped due to his truck supposedly being stolen. There were several weeks with no work before he finally rented a dumpster to remove the rest of the debris. After he supposedly finished demo, the dumpster was never removed (despite him indicating he called the company). We called the dumpster company ourselves and they indicated there was never a request to have the dumpster picked up. There were several more weeks of no work where he claimed *VIA TXT* he was mugged. He *TEXTED* with us several more times about the dumpster pick up and supposed pictures of his mugging. He finally responded via email indicating that his phone was destroyed during the mugging (despite texting us on 3 different occasions) and provided nothing but excuses about how the project was going to cost more (despite an independent contractor disagreeing with several of his claims).

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