Essential Retail Services, Inc.

Essential Retail Services, Inc.

Where to start. Stay away from this company. | First Job we did for them was 7/6/2016, the agreement was I didn’t know them and they didn’t know me and I would do this first job on a credit card. They young lady said that would be fine after she had asked someone. I submitted my ticket to them and it took roughly 4 months to get paid. | After that first call, it was summer, they have the TCA truck stops as an account. They buried me in work. All roughly no cool calls. Showed up on a couple of occassions to find the work had already been done by some other technician. Billed for two hours, took a while to get paid on that one as well. | I have been going back and forth with them on payments since early July, there just happens to be an outstanding invoice from July as well. They will claim that my paperwork wasn’t right, the AP girl never received my invoice (after I sent it 3 times), they have turned over more people than Mcdonalds. | They are unethical. To continue the saga, almost a year later, they are still in the red to us for about 2500.00. Slowly they are getting there, their methods of accounting are a joke. 12% marketing fee comes off your ticket, they pay $25 a pound for R22 (what rock are they living under), and even when you call in to get approval for O.T. they pay you at straight time and deduct the 12% on the overtime rate. Lets not forget they will send you a check that is wrong and on the back it will read – “Negotiation of this instrument payee constitues acceptance of it as payment in full and complete discharge of all claims whatsoever which payee may have against the payor the the invoices referenced on the check” So, if you cash the check and there is an issue, you own it. I am sitting on a check that I recieved on 2/13 that was inaccurate. I have emailed them a dozen times in regards to this miscalculation, don’t worry we’ll get it to Kelly is what I am told. | For those who read this and you have done work for them and have not been paid. I am getting in contact with the people from Rip Off Report to reach out to you. I am going to file suit against them for unethical business practices and ask the state to investigate each accuasation to ultimately strip them of their license here in California. If you have an issue with this company please go to please file a complaint so it is on record.

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  1. Fae Arizzi
    June 17, 2020
  2. Rogelio Knape
    June 17, 2020
  3. Lane Bateson
    June 17, 2020
  4. Justin Tangari
    June 17, 2020

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