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First of all let me begin with I was married for 2 and a half years no children and I lost my shirt on this divorce this woman has no clue what she is doing so imagine what you will lose if you hire this nut Estelle Flynn Lord and her trusty side kicks of fly by night legal staff any lawyer that charges a consultation fee just to talk is a red flag but I was young and didn’t know any better 28 to be exact | all she wants to do is get paid and settle she doesn’t put up a fight at all and the other side will make crazy demands and you know what they will get them I didn’t get a dime my ex wife sold the house she got all the money,furniture,sports items,even the stuff in my man cave and my lawyer sat there with a confused look as she offered me a mint and that’s when I knew it was all over and then her bill came 16,000 but she will only keep going when you make payments my ex wife’s lawyer was a pro and she is a 30 year of service rookie is starting to show early signs of Alzheimer listen to me if you want a cheap lawyer that will lose the case and everything you work hard for this is the lawyer for you but if you have children and been married 10 – 30 years and you hire this woman if after you read this more power to you

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