Esther Lima Houston Abuser Scam

Esther Lima Houston Abuser Scam Review

Report Filed: Esther Lima Houston Abuser Scam Abuser, Scammer!!

Esther Lima Houston, wife of Joel Houston is a fraud and a manipulative scammer and pathological liar. I did personal assistant freelance work for her for over 2 years. This woman claims to be a Christian yet was abusive, harassing and a horrific boss. She is a raging narcissist with socipathic tendencies. I personally obsrved her bulimia, going after other model colleagues in th industry, take drugs like cocaine and others. She would sometimes steal small items from photoshoots without anyone seeing and then the blame would fall on photoshoot assistants. This is a woman who routinely raged at me, and cut me down so much I needed therapy for months after. It is time someone know the real Esther Lima Houston, from someone who had to deal with this misery first hand. She is not a christian woman, she is not a nice woman, she is a fraud.

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