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I enrolled in online their online course , July 26 paid $75/- as first installment, | I enrolled and got the confirmation of the enrollment 7:48 AM July 26 | I did not get the link to the course so I raised a ticket 8:17 AM July 26 | They resolved the ticket 12:30 July 26 | The refund policy as stated in their website is | “Students who (pre) terminate their participation in the course, are entitled to a partial refund of the course tuition for that course as per the following stipulations: | Up to 24 hours after the date of your registration you may receive a full refund. | Between 24 Hours & 10 days following registration, you may receive a 70% refund of the total course tuition (Or completion of 30% of the total course tuition). | No refund will be granted to those who submit their termination later than 10 days following registration (Or completion of 100% of the total course tuition).” | I looked at the course it was very primitive in their teaching at best, worse than some of the free courses available online, A complete waste of money and time so I sent an email to cancel today July 27th 8:59 AM | Please note that their cancellation policy states that up to 24 hours after the date of registration not from the date of registration so they should have given me a full refund of $75/- I paid. | Instead they tried to hook me on to other courses when I refused they claimed that this cancellation was over 24hrs and charged me an additional $59.55 over and above the $75/- they charged me initially, and without authorization they illegally charged my credit card an additional amount of $59.55

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