European Classics, Inc.

European Classics, Inc.

These guys auction a lot of their cars on eBay to people out of state. I purchased a vehicle for my kid to go to college. I transferred $9000 out my bank account to their company account at my bank on a car I was assured had no major problems. As soon as I received it off transport truck a few days later, engine light was on & won’t pass any state emissions. I check the oil… black sludge! | I had my mechanic flush engine twice almost $300 and replace camshaft/crankshaft magnets another $286 …needs crankshaft balancer over $3500 to pull the engine out and do the work. I called them a few days later to ask why they sent the vehicle with the engine light on and not inform me. He replied that he had his mechanic take care of the problem by dropping the pan and draining the oil, but there was no engine light on when it was shipped out. The co-owner agreed to help pay $500 towards the new oil flushes I was having done. | He wanted to mail a check, I refused. I told him he could go online and use MoneyGram, he said they were a legit business and they didn’t work that way. He wanted to send through Paypal, I opened an account. I checked the account later and nothing so I happened to check my text messages he said he’d send it the next day. | I felt he wanted me to work on his time schedule when at the time I was just tired of all the lies and excuses, so I sent him an email to let him know I’d see him in court. | I left him a bad review on eBay where I saw his ad, he left a message I hurt his feelings and I was out of line for threating to sue his company. That he was with his mom at the doctor’s office the day we agreed for him to send the money…that’s why he left me a text he’d transfer it the next day. Is it just me, or do we all carry around smartphones which allow us to handle small transactions like that??? I guess he called eBay on me because they removed my bad review without following up with me. | Filing a complaint with Attorney General’s office & Financial regulations office in Florida with plans to file a lawsuit for repairs or return the vehicle for a refund. They have good reviews..they just decided to mislead me and go bad for profit. After some extensive investigating with a friend we found these jerks tried to sell the same car for $6,000 2 mos earlier…what does that tell you 2009 Mercedes E Class…really??? These guys found out back in Feb. this car had major engine problems that’s why they were only asking $6000 back then to offset the cost of repairs. Check the description on the first link listed on eBay, this is why I bought the car, the second link is what we found after purchasing the car.

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