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Everlast Home Energy Solutions Review

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Everlast Home Energy Solution aka Powerstar, aka Direct is an abusive boiler room run by petty tyrants and greedy owners. My husband and I were going to get their windows but found out that: | They cheat their employees and customers any way they can to get more profit; All the abusive managers do is yell at employees about getting more sales with dead leads which are all renters, answering machines and people on the DNC list. Not matter how much you do they want more. The manager leeches just crack the whip without mercy or justice. There is only like 2 bathrooms for like 40 people a clear OSHA violation; People there vape all day inside in violation of OSHA regulations, destroying lung tissue for the unfortunate non-smokers. This place is little more than a prison with air conditioning on max on even the coldest days because they are too cheap to put the heat on. It sad to see places like this can exist today. Its like a slave factory in China. Don’t do business or work at this loser place.

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