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Eviction Company Is A Big Scam And Huge Liars! Friday, January 18, 2019 Do Not Do Business With Eviction Company, Nor “Nablonka Durden”, The Owner Anymore! Regarding: Very Serious Complaint Against Eviction Company And “Nablonka Durden” Regarding: Shore, Howard vs. Andrew Mulleneau Regarding: Case Number: 17stud02167 About 1.5 years ago I hired “Eviction Company” to handle an unlawful detainer against Andrew Mulleneau and James was the attorney for that case. We settled it in the Los Angeles Eviction Court and I paid the other company (which they did Not tell me about until I appeared in court) called “Eviction Defense Network” $8,500.00 and the case was over and in the court house, both I, and the Defendant and the Attorney Signed A Legal Document stating that Andrew Mulleneau waived all of his rights and Can Not Go After Me Any More For Anything Pertaining To That Case! I know that that document that I signed exists and I know that “Nablonka Durden” Has A Copy Of It and/or Have Access To It since She Was The Company That I Hired To Handle The Case as They Can Remember. Furthermore, I remember specifically that I wrote Them Out A Very Special Letter Of Request back on Monday, December 31, 2018 to ask Them To Provide ME With A Copy Of The Agreement/Stipulation That I Had Signed and “Nablonka Durden” Had Refused by stating that She Does Not Keep Copies when It Was Her Company That Gladly Took My Money For The Eviction and then ended up Costing ME An Additional $8,500.00 Out Of My Pocket As They Can Remember! Please Note: Not Too Long Ago, “Nablonka Durden” Even Told Me That If I Want, I Can Pay Her An Additional $75.00 Dollars Just To Have One Of Her Attorneys Go To The Courthouse To Get Me My Document which I find to be Quite Ridiculous since She Already Got Paid For The Job and if I should ever need copies for something that She Did For ME In The Past, then She Should Be Complying without Charging ME any additional fees! Well, here is my Final Statement: Since She Is Being Dishonest With ME By Not Willing To Get ME My Agreement/Document as Requested since I have a Court Date in Early February 2019, then I am going to Publish Negative Reviews On “Nablonka Durden’s” Job Performance and Negligence that She Is Causing Towards ME! In Addition: If I Lose This Small Claims Court Case because Her Company Has Refused To Provide ME With A Key Document that I Am Entitled To Have (In Order To Win My Case) That She Does Have Access To Get Me A Copy Of, then I Will Be Suing “Nablonka Durden” and Her “Eviction Company” In Small Claims Court For Whatever Financial Loss I End Up Suffering From Based On This Upcoming Court Case! I am Not Here To Argue With Her, Nor Hear Her Bogus Excuses And Lies! Not Interested! I am Not Here To Play “Nablonka Durden’s” Games Any More! Thank you. Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Angry And Upset Eviction Company Previous Scammed And Deceived Client Executive, Volunteer Writer For Google And Tripadvisor Websites /HPS

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