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Excalibur is a moving broker. You basically pay them to make arrangements with a moving company to move you. BEWARE of these crooks- once you sign the contract, they just take your money and you have no recourse. In my case the underbid the move and the movers they provided refused to take the job for the ridiculously low amount (according to them, they would be losing money if they took the job). The moving company that showed up initially tried to claim that there was more stuff than we had quoted that tried to get us to agree to a contract for over double the amount we were under contract with Excalibur for. $5400 vs. $11,000. We contacted Kyle at Excalibur to sort the discrepancy out, he said he would work on it but then never called us or the moving company back. | We tried to negotiate with the moving company agreeing that if the weight indeed exceeded the amount we estimated then we would pay the difference at the back end. | They would not agree to this arrangement. We refused to agree to the new contract and they left. We called Excalibur numerous times to try to either resolve the cost discrepancy and find us a new mover willing to take the job for the amount quoted. They did not return our calls at all, even though their customer service promised us that they would get back to us and get us moved. After 3 days of not hearing back and now being in dire need of getting our stuff out, we hired another company for the move. | I contacted my credit card company to get a refund. The thing is- according to the Excalibur contract (which the link to conveniently disappears the day of your move) you are supposed to email them within 72 hours if you turn away the movers, but you are still on the hook for the deposit- but they will let you book another move within 2 years with it. ACCORDING TO THEIR BULLS*** CONTRACT, THEY GET TO KEEP YOUR MONEY THE MINUTE YOU SIGN THAT CONTRACT. It doesn’t matter if the moving company at the other end refuses the job at the amount quoted– according to their contract, that constitutes a cancellation by you if you don’t accept the new terms presented by the movers (BTW, according to my further research, Excalibur is notorious for pulling this low-ball moving quote fraud– they don’t care because they keep your deposit and let the movers have at you. We lucked out because the movers that showed up did not start loading our stuff into the truck and hold our stuff hostage, which is often the case with movers set-up by Excalibur and other moving brokers.) | But the fraud gets even worse. After utilizing my credit card company as the middleman, Excalibur agreed to honor their contract and find me another mover to move additional stuff I had left in storage which contained less weight/cubic footage than on the original quote (we carefully inventoried to confirm weight and cubic footage). They promised that they would find a mover (that would agree to their specific contract terms in writing before the move was scheduled) or they would provide me a refund. Now with the issue resolved with my credit card company, since they were now stating that they were honoring their contract and I can utilize my deposit for a new move, they then again stop replying to my correspondences and their customer service has no record of anything being done with my account deposit. | Please beware! Don’t make the mistake I did and give this company any of your money. Upack is a better low-cost solution, or find a flat-rate mover if you can. You can also get a list of movers certified by the USDOT to move household goods here: https://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/hhg/Search.asp?ads=a If you are in a pinch, work as your own middleman and call the moving companies directly. There really is no reason to pay $2000 to a moving broker, all they are doing for that money is utilizing a network to find available movers to take the job– but it’s nearly always under false pretenses of how much it will cost. Good luck on your move and please don’t fall for this scam!

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