Excelerate LLC

Excelerate LLC

They get you in high mileage trucks and low down payments. This is ran by Chris and Jim and let tell you how it works. Mercedes Benz let’s them have trucks on consignment. If you look at the title that’s why it’s lists xcelerated truck as the owner and not you. These trucks are repos from mercedes benz. Ok when they put the trucks on the lot they have a certain time frame to move them and that’s why you see them drop the down payment occasionally because they have to move that inventory or pay a what we call a roll fee. They keep the downpayment, mercedes only gets a portion of the payment. That’s where the famous $395 a week comes in, they must pay mercedes $200 of that and they keep the rest. If you don’t pay your payment that’s why youre harassed for being 1 week late because they have to pay it for you. These guys have no financial stability, they have no clue of these trucks condition. | Your test drive is in a dirt lot and you might get to 3rd gear. They also are not dealers nor finance company that’s why you don’t get a temp tag. Anybody can do what they do, they only live off your dn pymt money. If 3 or 4 people missed a week or 2 they would go under. A reimbursement was made to a shop by James Hasner and his business and personal credit card was declined for $1100. If you need a truck, a good solid, newer truck with a 4 yr warranty. I mean literally night and day difference, call trux and equip in ohio. Please 2ait before you resort to dealing with xcelerate truck, I’m telling you to save yourself alot of time and money. 2007 volvo, within 18 days the clurch went out $2200, 2 weeks later air compressor $1700, a week later front cover cracked which was leaking when I bought it, they just washed it off instead of fixing it. So do yourself a favor, just because the down payment is low trust me you will pay for it later. They want to sell your truck as many times over, they live for that down payment. Wait till you can do better simply put no matter how nice they sound. Send me a message if you have a truck from them and are trying to get out of it. I’ll show you how to really pis em off legally

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  1. Jannette Grupe
    June 17, 2020

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