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Students of any school do not only have student rights, but they also have consumer rights as consumers of services provided by the school. Consumer rights may be broader than student rights. Know what your rights are, and what actions you can take under each right. If you believe that an institution has ripped you off, or has deceived you, file a complaint with the Attorney General Office of the state where the business is located. But first, file a complaint in “general terms” with the business. Don’t give out too much details to the business about things that you want the Attorney General Office to investigate. This is a very important strategy. If you do, the school will cover up their mistakes, and the Attorney General Office might not find anything wrong with the school’s conduct. In dealings with students, many institutions are not transparent with their students. They feel that students are stupid. They feel that they can kick students around. Don’t let them kick you around, because you are not a ball. You are a person, a human being. Some schools or institutions want to use you as a means to their end. Don’t let them do that to you either. Be aware of your school’s environment. Remember, schools and institutions have years of experience in deceiving their students, one way or another. For example, some schools have teachers that teach. Other schools have professors that facilitate. Know the difference between “teach” and “facilitate”. You want to look for schools that primarily teach, and not facilitate. In dealing with instructors, you must always deal with them with great suspicion. Some of them are stupid. And the reason why the schools employ them is because they have an “impressive” resume, and not because they are smart teachers. A teacher with two master’s degree and two doctorate degrees (PhD) will most likely get the job vs one that has only one Master’s degree. Industry experience is very important. Some teachers have no industry experience, but they teach upper level courses. Be critical of these kinds of teachers. You will learn very little from them. Why? Because their experience is only “book” experience, and not industry experience. Finally, do NOT rush, as many students have made, into enrolling in any college course. Find out first who teaches that class, and what is his or her industry experience. If all what he has is a PhD degree, don’t stop and stare at him. Pass him by, because most likely he is not interested in teaching you anything other than getting his pay-check.

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  1. Keenan Caddy
    June 16, 2020
  2. Lucretia Elzey
    June 16, 2020
  3. Keva Oberlander
    June 14, 2020

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