Exclusive Leads

Exclusive Leads

This “person” is the biggest piece of $%*! I have ever had the unpleasant opportunity of doing business with. You will notice that I do not even refer to this individual as a human being, as I have put “quotation marks” around lower-cased references where any other ethical person would be properly addressed, as opposed to that piece of $%*!. | For starters, “he” comes across as a hard-working and family-oriented “person”, but in reality, “his” only intent is to extort as much of your money out of you as “he” can talk you in to. Like I said, “he” is the world’s biggest piece of $%*!. “his” leads are just as much trash as “he” is. “he’s” an unethical and deceptive liar, and I am going to single-handedly put this piece of $%*! out of business. | Now that the 2018 Holidays are over, I am going after “him” with a legal vengeance, and at the same time, I am going to go to great extents to notify every consumer-based website and any other entity you can imagine. | I told “him” “he’s” a sick, piece of $%*!, and then when I asked “him” “his” age, “he” said, 60, which is something else that “he’s” probably lying about also. “he” must have been raised by scum just like “him”. “he” probably comes from a long line of scummy and trashy maggots just like that piece of $%*!. | “he” acts as if “he” has an office with employees, but it’s very easy to tell that it’s just “him” sitting in his lonely and old, dirty and dusty bedroom and sending out so-called leads to hard-working people that are trying to make an honest living to support their families. | This idiot is dingy as f%&! and even looks like a pedophile…just look at his LinkedIn picture at www.linkedin.com/in/laurence-groeger-50b456a2 | “he” sickens me! I can go on and on, but all I can say or do is warn you not to give this piece of $%*! not one single cent. “he’s” not even worth that.

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