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Heather Paul, Expert 1 Realty works in the best interest of HeAther Paul rather than work in the best interest of her clients. I hired Paul for three of my real estate transactions in the past 12 months. After the first transaction, I was suspicious of unethical behavior. But, having no solid proof, I hired her a second time. My suspicions were reinforced, but still I did not have solid proof that she was working against me. Then, the third time I hired Paul, my suspicions were unequivocally validated. In my two previous real estate transactions with Paul representing me, I had a knawing feeling that she was working for the buyer rather than for me, the seller who hired her. Her negotiations always came back to me, the seller, to compromise, or provide more benefits to the buyer. And, it seemed odd to me that Paul was always able to find a buyer to represent for the purchase of the property I was selling, albeit, with a lowball offer. Paul always presented to me, the seller, the reasons I should lower my asking price with the first offer. And the first offer was always a buyer she was also representing. In two transactions where Paul was “representing me, the seller,” Paul walked with $60,000 – $80,000 in commissions, while I lost the equivalent amount. | It was this most recent transaction (6/2016) where Heather Paul’s dishonesty caught up with her. Because of my suspicions, I listed my house for sale by owner. I gave it seven days to sell, before I listed with an agent. Although, I received multiple offers during that seven day period, I had my concerns that the offers would be able to close. Due to a loss of income, my property needs to be sold for the highest amount possible within the quickest timeframe. So, I hired Heather Paul to list it. Not surprising to me, she presented me an offer fairly quickly from a buyer she was also representing. The offer came in at $100,000 lower than the asking price, and $86,000 lower than the appraised value. Days prior, I had rejected an offer that was $50,000 lower than the asking price, and one that she referred to as “an insult of an offer.” That offer was submitted by a buyer/agent. I told her I did not want to accept the lowball offer she brought to me, and that we should wait a few more days to see if there was any other interest from the one Open House she held. Days later Paul told me I had to give the buyers an answer by 5pm. there was no other interest. I asked her to call the Agent with the first offer and ask if she was still interested. I asked that she contact all the parties at the Open House prior to my deadline. She did not contact anyone. I know this, because I contacted everyone, offered a reduced price and asked if they had heard from my agent. None had. | The deadline I was given was up and I had to either take it or fall into foreclosure. Accepting this offer would cause me to lose $200,000, and make Heather Paul $27,500 as she was representing both sides. Because Paul knew of my financial situation, and the amount I was about to lose, she told me to remove all the upgrades I had made and return them, “to offset some of my loss.” She told me the buyer did not want the, anyway. So, I signed the offer. The very next morning, a Broker and client came to see my house. They had made an appointment to view several days prior. Remember, I was told there was no other interest in my house and that I had a deadline to accept the lowball offer or the offer would be rescinded. | The story ends like this: The buyers wanted the upgrades, and we’re told by Paul they were included in the purchase price. Paul told me to remove and try to get some money back for them. The buyer cancelled escrow. I listed the property for sale by owner, and sold it for $50,000 more than Paul could get me, to a buyer with an FHA loan (Paul had refused an FHA offer previously, telling me that there was no way FHA would lend on my property.) Paul got nothing but a complaint written here and one written to the DRE. As it turns out, another seller I know hired Paul to represent their sale, and eventually cancelled the listing with Paul as she brought no buyers, held no Open Houses, and had no showings. She mentioned to this seller that she was unable to find a buyer. If Heather Paul cannot double end the deal, there is no deal.

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