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Explore Talent

SCAM WEBSITE !!!!! Signed up with this website for talent services around the 6th of March 2017. Realized I had signed up for a total SCAM site. I used paypal as my method of applying payment, but was told would NOT be charged after the 7 FREE day TRIAL. My trial ended on March 13th, 2017. I had called first and spoke to some indian sounding female, who assured me I would NOT be charged since I have called to cancel before that 7 day trial ended. I spoke to her on March 10th about having it cancelled. I was not informed of an email coming thru for an “extra confirmation cancel” and i recieved the email shortly after ending the call with her. It states to reply back to that email to confirm cancellation, so stupidly I did. (Possibly, a link just to scam my email account too now!) so , I responded with a quick, “Yes, confirmed to cancel” and put my name. I day goes by and I receive and email back from MSN / OUTLOOk – stating the delivery of my email was rejected! I called them back and that same female answered and i ask about that and she gives no responses to what happened about the email issue, but reassures me again Im good to go, that I will NOT be charged. So that was from the 10th of March – March 12th – no later. Now, Today is March 14th,2017 12:21pm/ I received an email from paypal stating a recurring monthly charge of $39.73 was indeed taken from my bank today! I quickly notified paypal and they cancelled the transaction for me. I am merely reporting this company for fraudulent actively and suspicious email scamming because let me tell you, im now being flooded with junk mail !!!!!! Please some one get something done about this so called talent site, I hate being a victim of this kind of stuff and I more so hate others being taken advantage of even further than I was!!! | P.S – Also, just found out there is a SECRET charge of $2.00 they have scheduled to take out every 7 days!!!! wtf??? | Go to Prision you scammers! Whys this person or (person’s) not there yet??? Come on people, lets get these S–T hole’s !!!!

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