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Hello, | Please compare these two links to know what we’re trying to address please: | This post was not genuine but simply copied from another post on your website from back in 2012 with a few words switched. The content is ripped from a review on another company and has nothing to do with Express Casket LLC. | | The review on all of these links is plagiarized content from a review done in 2012 on another website.. Please compare carefully to see that the author has simply changed a few words around and posted this. | It’s slander but can also be considered spam if you take the time to compare the two closely. Hopefully you will give this a look and help us out because we are in no way affiliated with Dignified Caskets, we are Express Casket LLC. | They posted this to 4 other websites, sitejabber,, and and all of these websites were able to compare the two and remove the review. | With Kind Regards, | Faith Goguen | Express Casket LLC | (888)448-4001 Toll Free

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