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Filed a complaint against with the better business bureau about them being a false company, taking my money, and not answering calls. They never responded to the bbb. I am about to file a police report. I tried earlier, but the police said i needed to wait 72 hours. I then left it go because i felt like, “whats the point?” but because this report has been rebutted, i will contact the police today to file a report. The rebuttal is obviously a person from the company. Because i have absolutly been scammed. This company took my money and ran. They have not responded to any of my calls or emails and never provided any services. | I did not do my due diligence when “hiring” this company. I googled private investigators because i felt my boyfriend was cheating on me and i wanted someone to follow him that night. It was a last minute request and i was emotional and desperate. A sane person would have asked for names of the business owner and verified credentials. I was so crushed by the thought of my boyfriends infidelity, i threw reason out the window and sent money to someone i never verified. The only way to get money to someone that moment, within the hour, was western union. I should have been more rational. This company is a complete scam and takes advantage of people like me who are in a distressed emotional state. I found this company advertises a “whatsapp” phone number as well and reached out again– they didn’t respond to me and even blocked me. I have sent numerous emails and no one has responded. They actually put up a disclaimer on their website after our incident that states they provide “intangible serivces”! ie, they don’t actually offer anything. | Anyone with common sense will see that their website does not go into details about their credentials, who runs the company, etc. It is a shell. Unfortunately, anyone who is in the position i was in–desperate for answers and desperate to find out if their love one is cheating right now– probably doesn’t have the common sense to see all of this. I hope that someone, anyone who is looking for a private investigator for whatever reason will have more sense than i had, reads this review before hiring, and chooses differently. You will be scammed. You will lose your money. And you will feel like an idiot for doing so.

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