I applied for a payday loan, and after been approved , the deposit will be done within 45 minutes to a hour..the bank will call me, letting me know when the deposit was done, after couple hours I called to find out the status, but no one answered, but I left a message, so I got a call from Sabrina ( the person I was dealing regarding the loan) she told me the loan was approved and the bank will call me in the next 15-20 minutes,about 30 minutes later I get a call from Andrew Fisher from US Bank,(he sounded totally from India or Hindu) and he said I need to pay a fee (500.00 and I need to get a Green dot money pak) before he release the money to my bank account, I asked why I have to pay the fee and also I asked for hes phone number, he got upset and said no, hang up,
I called Sabrina again and of course no one answer, few minutes later she called me so I explained what Andrew said and she told that the reason hes requesting the fee is because I supposed to lie to him and said that I was getting the money from a friend, and of course she hung up and let me talking to myself, that’s when I got this feeling and when and check my bank account, the money I have in my account was gone,
they withdraw all the money from my checking account!!!. I demand I want my money money back including the overdraw fees. Stay away

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