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You don‚Äôt feel like yourself these days, or maybe you aren‚Äôt sure who you are anymore. You don‚Äôt find enjoyment in the same things you once did, your mind won‚Äôt let you rest. Maybe you‚Äôve been through a traumatic experience that you haven’t worked through, perhaps a loss or a betrayal. Could it be that you’re not feeling the same intimacy with your partner you once did, or perhaps you‚Äôre struggling as a parent and unsure of what to do with the child/children who are suddenly crossing boundaries they never did before? You‚Äôve tried so hard, but now you struggle just to get through each day; surviving instead of really living. You want to have peace, you want to be able to relax again and enjoy life. You want to go to bed at night knowing that the next day won‚Äôt just be about getting by, but actually feeling a sense of purpose and joy; that your relationships will be more meaningful, that you will be confident in who you are and your abilities. You are ready to move forward. I am available through phone, email, and facebook ( I am down-to-Earth and straightforward in my approach, what you see is what you get. I am here to sit with you in your darkest moments while helping you uncover your strengths and the options for implementing lasting change; your first step in moving forward is to reach out for help.

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