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I bought a car from them and within 10 minutes of driving it off the lot, a light came on indicating I had a flat tire. I put air in the tire and called them right away, which they didn’t answer, but replied via text. It was followed by other noises and lights. They then indicated that I should take it to their mechanic, and they would take care of the problems. They drove it to one of their two mechanics, and again via text said they would right the problem, after all I did pay cash and didn’t drive it for more than an hour total. | They said they wanted to make us happy and would take care of it. They said they would talk to the mechanic personally. Now that they know what the problem is, they are not returning any calls or texts. They then told the mechanic it wasn’t their problem, left my vehicile there, and the mechanic said it’s not safe to drive due to a failed brake system and other issues. I plan to involve the news. If you’ve been ripped off by Family Auto, you need to post about it. I guess morally, some people don’t care what they say or do.

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