Family Shopping Club

Family Shopping Club Complaint

A telemarketer called me trying to sell me this great deal that would provide me discounts on my groceries and if I tried it for 30 days at a $4.95 charge, I could get 2-$100 Walmart gift cards; and cancel the service if I didnt like it. I was on the phone with her for a long time because I am always wary of these “deals” and at the end of it, the above was promised. When I gave my debit card, I heard a bunch of weird “noises” (not human), she said stay on the line, (“We got cut off”) and toward the end of this miserable experience, I heard her say I had just agreed to something that I had not and did not agree to anything other than the one $4.95 charge. Well, not only did this useless family shopping club info come, but also a DiscountTravelLeisure info. Before the info showed up in the mail, I checked my debits and found another $4.95 charge for the DiscountTravelLeisure Club which wasnt authorized. I called the FamilyShopping Club line above and they referred me to DiscountTravelLeisure Club”s # [protected] which I called. Had to leave a message and and had no return call. As for the promises given to me over the phone of 2-$100 Walmart gift cards ended up being a chance for a$25 Gift Card to either Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Sears, Barnes & Nobles and Toys R Us AFTER I SPENT OVER $100 at one of the stores. I told her at the beginning I was unemployed and HAD NO MONEY TO BUY ANYTHING FIRST TO GET SOMETHING LATER1 This is fraudulent and I didnt sign up for this. I will now try to find how to cancel this before they automatically charge my acct $29.95 monthly. NO NO NO! I DO NOT WANT THIS SERVICE! I should get my $4.95 back too because what they said I would get is NOT what I got. and they were sneaky and charged me another $4.95 for something I didnt agree to and it would have been 3 charges if I hadnt caught it at the end of our miserable phone conversation.

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