Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

We stayed there out on a whim for a quick staycation. We arrived Wednesday night. July 25. As mandatory for all Hotels,the lady who checked us in informed us that there is a $50 hold each night,which would equate to $100 for us since we were staying for two nights. The next day,I checked my account and there’s another $50 added to the hold. We talked to the concierge and told us that lady who checked us in committed the error and there was a glitch in their system.We have a lot of automatic draft payments coming that day that’s why we specifically budgeted everything and brought cash with us. We asked if we can talk to the manager. The concierge said to wait for a couple of minutes then MELINDA TURUBIA came out. She said there was a glitch in the system and it’s not their fault. We told her we need that $50 back as soon as we can and she said there’s nothing she can do about it. Not once did she apologized and handled everything. We asked what can she exacty do since we’re headed out to lunch and the whole inconvenience is uncalled for. She was very rude and retorted ” If you want you can call accounting but there’s nothing I can do” in the worst tone possible,like an educated trailer trash whose not in a managent position. and to top it all,While we were still talking she walked her back on us. WOW. We stayed from top class hotels to simple inns but this kind of attitude is simply unaccepatable. The one next to her Chris Heiney is on vacation and Jay the corporate president is nowhere in sight too. Customer Service should be a priority and all operational excellence in all step especially in a hospitality industry is a MUST. Melinda was just crass,rude,unethical and very unprofessional. Screw the $50 charge,that’s not a big deal. It’s a matter of COMMON COURTESY if you’re a manager to apologize sincerely and make things right. This all happened in the morning and technically ruined our day. We’re still trying to think what if she’s having a bad day but her whole demeanor was just unpleasant te minute she faced us. Corporate needs to know better who they put infront of everyone as a liason to face clients and represent what the establishment is all about. ** Shelley,the bartender from the pool made everything better and proved us wrong that all the staff in this establishment lacks basic customer service skills. She’s amazing! **

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