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I had a very bad experience with the attorney and her secretary. From my first call. They represented me for approximately 7 months. Not one time did I meet with my attorney. Every time I called the secretary was very rude. I really thought about firing them from the start but I was hurt confused and really didn’t know what to do. I still have problems from my work related injury. The Dr work comp sent me to have me a referral to see a neurologist instead work comp sent me to a chiropractor which every visit was hurting me worse than I was hurting before I started when I spoke with the secretary or my attorney they did have the visit with the chiropractor stoped and eventually got me in to see a neurologist. And I was told that we have to jump through work comps hoops then they would get in to see other drs which never happened. The neurologist said that I had a past injury in my neck that i reinjuryed and sent me to PT which in the end I still had problems with my neck and left shoulder. I did settle mostly because I felt I had no other choice. Farah and Farah/ my attorney and her secretary were the two most uncaring people that are supposed to be professionals and supposed to be there to help the people in my case I felt that I was not helped by Farah and Farah and I was treated very badly. I want people to know this before they think that farah and Fatah has there best Interest at hear they don’t so if I were them I would choice another firm

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