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I book my flight and the website says $64.20 is my total including taxes so i book 3 passengers then i put 2 baggage for $52 plus dollars and my total was $311.00. then all of a sudden after i confirm it the total goes up to 398$. so i call there customer service asking why and what happen why the total is $398? she cant even explain it why so i told her i want to cancel it since i book it an a hour ago.she said there is a $50 per person cancellation fee, i told her i only book it an a hr. ago i should have 24 hrs. she said thats different. i dont want to argue nor loose $150 so i just go with my booking.but never again for this ripped off company. | 1.) they have a lot of hidden fees so better check it. the 24 hrs policy is different.so if you cancel your booking they have a $50 cancellation fee. | 2.) taxes after taxes. | 3.)your paying more money booking your flights than going through the airline itself. the baggage is only $32 on the airlines website and theres is $52. | 4.) the cheaper flight you think they have is not really a cheap prices.so if i were you stay away from this company. go directly to the airlines.

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