When a warning popped up on my computer screen about Mal-ware on my computer I first ignored it then decided to check things out. The message indicated I should call a specific phone number and was connected with the company ‘FastFix123″. I was convinced they worked with/through Microsoft to accomplish their work which was to analyze, clean and repair my computer from damage done through Mal-ware, Trojans and other malicious type programs/invaders. First there was the analysis for free, then there was the report that showed much, much extra activity that needed removal at $200 a whack, but because I didn’t have much ‘damage’, I could get it done for $150, then there was the offer of a protection program that I could get that is 100% guaranteed, completely transferable and for ‘lifetime’ protection, at $150. I went ahead with the actions, which by the way, ended up taking over 36 hours. Still believing they were working in conjunction with Microsoft, I had them scan my laptop. I now recognize I have been scammed and am concerned about my personal information as I allowed them remote access to both of my computers.. I demand I want FULL reimbursement for ALL monies removed from my account.. Stay away

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