So upset, I accidentally went to instead of The name of the website showed as USTax Center, and you click on ordering forms and it takes you to Did this online and it asks you for SS which I provided like a dummy and then they wanted a card to process the order of $39.95. I am worried sick about this. Bank is closed. IRS is closed and I can’t do anything about this till morning. I see you have multiple reports on here for this company. Question: how is it these websites and phones are not shut down?! I finally called the number and it makes you go through voice offers and I got an answer and said something to the guy about his company not being associated with the IRS and he hung up on me. Do NOT be stupid like I was! I knew as soon as I’d done it, but it was too late to correct.

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Anderson Shaw Group Complaint

Dear all, Our group would like to warn you – DO NOT do any business with Anderson Shaw Group investment company

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority [CMHA] Complaint

after a home invasion the cmha police did little to nothing for 4 days as my car was stolen and had gps tracking in it they still couldnt

Palm Partners Complaint

A joke. Money grubbing social worker with no class Thomas Beley is disrespectful, condescending liar who doesn”t care about anyone Complaint

date of incident: 6/29/2018 plate number: VQ6574 I pin a wrong location accidentally then I ask him if he can cancel it, he said no since

Houzz Complaint

Attention: Executive Operations This is the second similar FAKE opportunity I have received from “Houzz” since registering my