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This is insane. I filed my federal and state taxes with this “company”. First, they charged me 25$ for the state tax and then DECLINED my state tax form saying that I have to file it in paper. Of course they did not return the money, even after filing 3 complaints to the support. Also, I had to file the state tax in paper myself because they did not provided the filled out form, so basically I payed 25$ for absolutely nothing. Next, I found out that the federal tax I filed was filed using the wrong form! This is absolutely insane, They used a form for US citizens or residents, but I am a non-resident. The funny thing is, they don’t have any questions regarding your residency status. So are they assuming all of their clients are residents? So I had to file an amendment form to irs myself, again. So, in the end, I payed 25$, got filed a wrong form and had to do all over again myself. How do you think, will I ever use your services again or recommend it to anybody?

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