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I contacted an attorney about unlawful practices in regards to Fillmore & Associates. This agency contacted a friend of a friend and left defaming information about me with them on the guise that they had a warrant for my arrest. | Upon contacting the number left with these distant associates (405) 385-7658, I reached a person identifying himself as Michael Standoff from NLC. He told me immediately that he was calling regarding a complaint that had been filed against me and that I needed to contact Fillmore & Associates regarding said matter. | When calling Fillmore & Associates (844) 474-9418, I was again told that there was a Civil Lawsuit filed against me. I am cognizant of certain legal procedures and know that a law firm would never call to tell a consumer there was a civil action filed against them, but are required to reach litigants via postal service, return receipt. | I am also aware of my rights according to the FDCPA and know that a debt collector must immediately identify him/herself as such and cannot, under penalty of law, threaten consumers with legal action or arrest. | I informed them of such and contacted an attorney. The attorney informed me that Fillmore & Associates were not a debt collections agency but instead a scam company attempting to extort money from consumers. He informed me that in looking up the phone number for NLC, that it was listed as Fillmore & Associates and that the website had no accreditation information which suggests illegal operations. ( | I contacted my personal attorney immediately to have a letter written to them on my behalf to cease and desist. However, there is no listed physical address for this business on their site. | In addition to masquerading as a collections agency, they advertise legal services complete with amounts for legal representation/ documentation. These people should be stopped immediately from scamming consumers and posing as a legitimate business.

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