Financial Freedom Made Simple

Financial Freedom Made Simple

This was not my first time using her and I should have learned from the last time. Excellent in what she does, if she actually does what you pay her for. Had the same issues this time as I did last time. I have never seen a person lie and promise as much as she does and don’t deliver. Every excuse in the book as to why she is incompetent. | The dog, family emergency, grandson in hospital, not getting emails, out of the office. Same old lies. When she gets upset, she stops responding, then it’s I am only 1 person. Well hire you some help, you are certainly making a killing off of honest people’s back. | Yesterday was the last straw for me, I have waited almost 3 months for service and nothing. I got the cpn as I paid for, but she lied and told me she trimerged it when she didn’t . Found that out after I went to dealership, Credit sweep, yeah right another lie. | How are you going to take people personal info, they pay you for a service and you withhold the very information they need to take care of their business, She claimed to have applied for me a loan, but NEVER gave me the info, I don’t know what she applied for in my name. When I asked her to forward ALL of my information to me what she had done, I got NOTHING. | All she said was I have to get to my laptop, I can’t talk right now, just give me a minute, excuses. Like the person said she is so sweet with calling you Love, BUT ONCE SHE GETS YOUR MONEY, YOU CAN FORGET IT!!! | I reached out to someone that is filing a case against her and here is some info you may find helpful, because she screwed over the wrong person this time. What hurts me more than anything is I came to her in a time of crisis almost 3 months ago, and now I am left without a place to live, car, everything and she knew this, took my money, and didn’t bother to take care of me. Left me out here to figure it out for myself and didn’t give F &. She is more than qualified to do the job, she just don’t give a F ”$ about doing it, it’s all about lining her pockets. | This is where you can file a report: 14780 SW 296th Street, Homestead, FL 33033 and/or 450 Woodland Avenue, Piedmont, Alabama 36272. | Don’t bother about calling the fake number that she never answers. This is her real number that she never answers but did respond only through text. Still didn’t do what I needed, but did reply via text. 470 497-9958. She’s only going to change it. Hope this helps someone, as I am left to find somewhere to live, because she didn’t give a d**n.

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  1. Joane Bynon
    June 17, 2020
  2. Milda Biglow
    June 17, 2020

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