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I got scammed by Financika. My total investment was about 48,000$. I asked them to withdraw my profit but instead of sending it, they asked my to deposit more money to do that. When I deposited what they requested, they did not sent any thing. | Financika is scammer. My friend & I have been scammed by this firm. Our investment was more than 168.000$. About 68.000$ for me and about 120.000$ for my friend. When I asked them to withdraw my profit. The account manager told me that she will make a withdrawal for me with 12.000$ but she told me that I have to deposit 3000$. I borrowed this money from my brother and deposit them and then they send me some papers to sign. I did all what they asked me to do but from the other hand. They broke faith and didn’t send me the money that we agreed to. When I asked here about the withdrawal the give me a false pretences. | Again, She promised me to make a withdrawal for me with 12.000$ but she again told me that I have to deposit 2685$! I was in a difficult situation and I been owned with more than 22.000$ for my relatives and friends. So I agreed and borrowed this money from my friend and deposit it and she asked me to sign some papers and promised me to send the withdrawed profits over 2 days. But again they broke faith and I asked them to return my funds according to item 2.8 & 2.9 from the contract between us. | But unfortunately there was no result and they stopped responding to my calls and mails. I had to contact [email& 160;protected] financier,com to assist me in recovering my money back from them. I am grateful my friend and I have gotten back all our money.

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