Finesse Face Serum

Finesse Face Serum Review

Gave credit card number for a sample of two creams, Finesse facial serium and HR Cream. No mention of autoship of each item and that my card would be charged auto 14 days from order. Shocked when credit card statement came and one charged $88.78 and the other charged $89.53. When I called asking for a refund and to ship the unopened product back they both stated that the items couldn’t be returned and there was no guarantee and they wouldnt refund any money. I am on social security and can not afford $190 for a face cream. It is very deceptive and I think designed to trap seniors into trying a sample and then autoship to them and charge rediculous prices. This company is a scam. DO NOT USE THEIR PRODUCTS OR THEIR WEB SIGHTS AS THEY ARE THEIFS!

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