We contacted FPM as they looked like a reputable breeder after loosing our pitbull to a brain tumour. Our family was devastated. FPM indicated if we sent a deposit he could send us a pic and video of the dog he wanted us to buy because of his temperament knowing we have a daughter. I sent the money that day. We then were sent one picture and a 3sec video showing the dog being held. | I contacted them and asked how they were going to transport him as he looked bigger than described and I had spoken to the airlines who said the measurements were not going to fit in the kennel under a seat. He became annoyed and said the regulations changed and that he needed a couple of weeks to figure it out? In a couple of weeks he surely wouldn’t fit. All of the Nashville airlines put a ban on flying dogs, especially the bully breeds in the underbelly because of the heat. 2 dogs had died apparently in the US so they flat out told me he would not be traveling on a plane unless it was under the seat. | I called Caleb, he was rude and told me I was overreacting. He had my 3500.00 and didn’t care. Then he said come get him them. So I flew to Nashville with my 11 year old daughter to see if we could get the puppy home. We did a milk run as we had to fly Delta so the carrier would fit. It would not on the WestJet flight it was stressful. I paid for a trainer to drive to the airport and drop him off. Then we went counter to counter looking for a way home. I had accepted we might be driving the 22hrs. Didn’t care as long as puppy and my daughter were healthy and happy. Made it home. Vet asked if we were going to show puppy or breed him. I said no why? He reported the puppy had a severe underbite. Food and water does fall out but we don’t care as long as it’s not hurting him. | When my husband contacted caleb about the underbite he first said, “send the dog back then”, as he didn’t feel it was a big deal. Next he said we picked the wrong dog (he is the one who suggested this exact dog for our family). Caleb basically said send the puppy back with his papers. He couldn’t have cared less. Said that the 3500.00 dogs are not top stock and that we impulsively bought a dog? I’m his FPM forum he mentioned a breeder selling him a dog with a severe underbite and how FPM would never do that to their customers. | So now the puppy has suffered from a growing disorder called Panosteitis. It is severe bone pain. He requires meds almost every 4hrs. He cries and limps. I took him in. They did 2000.00 worth of scans. He also has abnormal knees and wrists with some type of arthritis disease. My husband contacted Caleb to see if any of the other dogs had it. He said his dogs are all healthy? The specialist said it’s likey genetics. They also said he would likely need arthroscopic surgery to fix that and he has a type of hip displasia. My husband sent Caleb a message. He didn’t respond. Nor did he ever check to see how his beloved puppy was. All he ever offered was when we asked about the underbite to send the puppy back at our cost with his papers. Then I would be entitled to another puppy. | Wow. Now I get the breeding business. We love this puppy, never would I throw it away because of it’s teeth? Our animals are family members. We love them until the day they go to heaven. Not something I just throw away or send back to be euthanized. Cold and calculating is what that sounds. And who cares about the papers? Since clearly 3500.00 USD is considered a bottom of the barrel puppy. How horrible. We haven’t to this day heard one word from Caleb about how the puppy is doing. We will do what ever we need to help our dog. | Clearly FPM could care less about their dogs. I understand there is never any guarantees with any living being but seriously not a care in this world was shown by Caleb once he knew there was a problem and had our money. In speaking to other reputable breeders they can not believe after voicing our concerns for our puppy’s health this breeder has not made any attempt to reach out and show any concern for the puppy or us as customers. Breeders I’ve spoken with say they would be on the phone making contact with the owners as they would be genuinely concerned for the well-being of the puppy. If we were not willing to spend the thousands of dollars to help our puppy, he would sit and suffer in constant pain. Beware.

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