First Online Banner

First Online Banner

We, Vacation Club Loans, received a telemarketing call on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, from Mr. Rick Goldman offering us the opportunity to purchase specific keywords across several popular search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo to be exact. 1) This company does not have a telemarketing license. | The offer was to buy exclusive rights to keywords at the price of $3,000.00 for one year. If “anyone” on Google, Bing, or Yahoo entered the search phrase keyword our banner ad would appear at the top of their computer screen advertising our services. | We were promised 3,500 hits per month minimum from this banner ad. 2) This company would not give us a cancellation period of 3 days required by Florida law. 3) This company would not give us a cancellation period of 3 days required by California law. | It quickly came to my attention that the above offer was an internet marketing scam. First, the hits we were getting on our website from the banner ad were being generated from Scottsdale, AZ only by “internet bots” and in fact are not real people entering our keyword at all. Furthermore, many page results were very random and to date, we have never received one single lead (impossible for any real ad campaign). | On June 28, 2018, I requested a full refund from Mr. Rick Goldman in the amount of $3,000 due to the fact 4) the contract was full of false promises, the services are fraudulent, and the agreement is a fraud by stealing $3,000 from my company and not providing the promised advertising services. | Mr. Rick Goldman called me on the telephone and offered me a refund whereas he would have to talk to his supervisor to get the exact amount. I have not heard back since nor have I received any refunds at all. | NEVER do business with them. They only accept checks or wires because once you realize the scam you can’t get your money back.

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