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Fitness 19

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The gym harasses, themselves, & allows to be harassed, by other members, their handicapped members. Their employees have been instructed to allow the gym to get dirty & not maintain towel, soap, and tp dispensers choosing instead to weaponize their employees against their handicapped members, this includes the manager himself, “Jerry”, an extremely rude nasty rodent. Wet floors in the bathroomsare of continuing concern, along with being a safety hazard; they’re of no concern either. Garbage builds up in the gym, on the equipment; it’s of no concern. Their soul priority is forcing out their handicapped members. Both employees & other members are allowed, if not instructed, to throw people’s stuff on the floor if they go to get a drink of water or use the lavatory while working out. | All levels of unpleasantry are used. In addition to harassment, the employs are extremely rude. A few are good, civil, & conscientious. I imagine they may not last long. | The gym is cheap; but it should be considering how nasty the mgmt & staff are & the level of sanitation in the gym. Join this gym if you possibly want a disease and/or to deal w/ nasty rude employees.

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  1. Erma Sanflippo
    June 16, 2020

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