Fitness Warehouses 4 Less

Fitness Warehouses 4 Less

Please do thorough research before making an online purchase from Fitness Warehouses 4 Less (aka, On 13 May 2017, I accessed while researching treadmills for purchase. I was immediately asked to chat with a customer service representative, to which I agreed, and asked about a specific treadmill. The representative informed me that the treadmill on which I inquired was no longer available. At that point, I moved on from the website. 30 minutes later, I received a call from Mr. Jim Rosen, who identified himself as the owner of Fitness Warehouses 4 Less. After a short conversation, he recommended that I purchase a Free Motion Clubmill Elite treadmill. After reviewing the website link for the machine, a few things stood out to me. | 1) Mr. Rosen advertises the Clubmill Elite as a having a 6.5 HP motor, a 500lb user capacity, and according to him, is the “top rated treadmill on the market.” When I looked up Free Motion’s website, the treadmill was nowhere to be found. When I inquired as to why he was advertising a treadmill that the manufacturer does not list on its own website, Mr. Rosen said “I am the world’s largest seller of Free Motion equipment, so Free Motion allows me to sell their equipment months before it is available on the open market.” Seemed plausible enough to me. I decided to buy the version without the TV screen, as it was over $1000 cheaper, but according to the website, that version had a smaller motor. I opted for the more expensive version because, as a competitive runner, I wanted to the bigger motor. More on that later. | When I expressed hesitation in buying a $3000 piece of equipment, Mr. Rosen assured me that it would be the best purchase of my life. Free Motion is so good, said Mr. Rosen, that he has four of his own for personal use. He also told me that should I be dissatisfied with the purchase, he would reimburse me 100%, no questions asked. Well…50 days after purchase, I have yet to receive the machine. This, despite the fact that Mr. Rosen immediately charged me for purchase and sent an invoice the following day which states that the equipment would arrive in 14-28 days. Mr. Rosen–nor anyone else at Fitness Warehouses 4 Less–has contacted me to provide an update or to request an extension for shipping. I have contacted the company on several occasions and have yet to receive a response. | Out of curiosity, I contacted Free Motion Fitness to get the specifications on the Clubmill Elite, and received the following response from Mr. Chris McGill, Free Motion Fitness’ Vice President of Sales: “Thank you for your email however I have not heard of the treadmill you reference below.” So, it appears that Free Motion’s Vice President of Sales has never heard of a treadmill that his own company ostensibly designed and offers for purchase. Furthermore, there is no treadmill on the market, gym or home quality, with a 6.5 horsepower motor. It appears that Jim Rosen is advertising equipment that doesn’t exist, and is providing false specifications for his “fictitious” equipment. The cherry on top? I only purchased to more expensive version of the treadmill because it supposedly had the bigger motor. Come to find out, the motor is the same size for both machines–4.5 horepower. You think Mr. Rosen might be fudging the numbers to dupe unsespecting buyers like me into purchasing more expensive equipment? I should have known Fitness Warehouses 4 Less was a less than reputable company with a history of not fulfilling orders in a timely manner, if at all, when I read paragraph 13 of the invoice after purchase: | 13. If a dispute arises between the merchant and the customer, I, the customer, hereby agrees to make every possible effort to resolve the dispute with the merchant. If we are unable to resolve the matter amicably, the merchant and I agree to use a mediator. The merchant and I agree to use our best efforts to mutually agree upon one mediator. Both parties agree to split the cost of the mediator. The merchants primary objective is to provide its customer(s) with a very fair and impartial method of resolving disputes. Arbitration is a well known cost effective source for resolving disputes. I understand that the merchant has very privileged relationships with their merchant processors and banks and their credit card processing rates are adversely affected by chargeback disputes. Therefore, I understand the extreme sensitivity of this clause and the merchants banking relationships and I hereby agree and promise not to file a chargeback dispute under any circumstances whatsoever. If I violate this policy by filing a chargeback dispute, I understand and agree to pay damages equal to the greater of twenty times the total value of the original invoice or $50,000.00. I, the customer, hereby understand the seriousness of the potential damages to our company and its banking relationships caused by filing a chargeback dispute and agree to pay these damages if I violate this very important and serious policy and procedure.” | Twenty times the total value or $50000? Why would a company have such a clause in their purchase agreement? Because that company consistently fails to uphold its policies, and when confronted by angry consumers, refuses to reimburse them, gives them the runaround, and hopes they chalk up the scenario to a bad experience, and ultimately give up. That’s free money for Jim Rosen and Fitness 4 Less. I am now proceeding with the legal process for reimbursement, but if I ever get my money back, it will likely be several months from now. Before you buy from this company, or any other for that matter, I suggest you read reviews and peruse the Federal Trade Commission website so that you know your rights when dishonest companies take advantage of your fundamental belief that business’s conduct business honestly. Mr. Rosen certainly does not, as evidenced by the inordinate amount of complaints on various websites. Buyer beware folks.

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