Fitzpatrick's Furniture

Fitzpatrick's Furniture

Their web site states “Our main focus is customer service!” What a joke!!! I was financing some average furniture with them through the finance company that owns them, Eagle Financial Services in Lexington Kentucky. While waiting for my paperwork to be done, I asked them if they could fax one piece of paper to a company for me (not related to this purchase) as a favor. It was to a toll free fax number. They said they couldn’t do it for “liability reasons”. I thought it was strange that they would not fax one piece of paper to a toll free number for someone who was spending over $2,000 at their store. Didn’t seem like good customer service but whatever. I bought a sectional that they didn’t know a lot about because the salesman said it was a newer company that they just started carrying and he didn’t know a lot about. I liked the looks of it and I sat on it and it seemed ok so I bought it. I also payed an extra $100 for a 5 year warranty that protects against stains, rips, etc. When I got it home and started using it, I realized the support in it was terrible. If you sit on the far end of each piece the support is firm and good. If you sit on the center cushions you sink, which would be fine if it sank the same all the way across the whole couch. If you sit between the end and the center cushion you lean a lot towards the center cushion. Just terrible support. I may have to buy plywood cut to size to place under my cushions so there is equal support across the entire sectional, but I shouldn’t have to do this with a brand new product. After just 2 weeks I called Fitzpatrick’s Furniture to see if I could return it for a store credit and choose another product. I was told by a Duane that they do not have a return policy, so I could not return the sectional. He also told me he sat on the floor model of what I bought and that he saw what I was saying, but he said there is nothing wrong with the item so they can’t fix it, that that’s just how it comes from the factory so that’s how it’s supposed to be. So I’m stuck with a sub par product that they choose to sell to people and will not let you return. Then the finance paperwork shows my first payment of $115 is due January 21, 2016. On January 15 the payment hit my checking account, 6 days early, causing me to have a negative balance of over $60. Their main focus is definitely NOT customer service, like their web site says, but getting your money. Terrible company that shouldn’t be in business.

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