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I hired Mr. Roberts owner of Fix It Today” back in August 2016 to remodel my basement after a ruptured stack pipe. He had done some small jobs around my home in the past, so I trusted him. What I didn’t think he would do was steal from me. He took measurements for a new tub and shower wall for my upstairs bathroom. Together we went to Home Depot where I picked out and purchased a Delta Brand shower wall and tub to the tune of $750.00 on my credit card. This contractor brought the ensemble back to my home on his truck that very night as I followed him back. I and my family checked into a hotel for a few days. I came back to do a sight check only to find that LeMar Roberts took my ensemble back to Home Depot the very next day, telling me it was too big and he only received a $200.00 home depot credit. The many problems with him and his story, is I had the original Home Depot receipt, he did not have. I never received a phone call stating the size was off. We would have met him at Home Depot to get the correct size. He replaced my ensemble with a $79.00 shower wall and a refurbished tub with a large knick inside the tub for $100.00. Installing this crap before I could get back. Later upon further investigation, it was discovered that Home Depot paid him back over $800.00 in which Mr. Roberts pocketed. What I paid was a discounted rate, what he received was the full refund, Home Depot is being sued for this move. In addition to this major theft, Mr. Roberts didn’t stop there. He was given well over $5k to start the work on my basement. He abandoned the job to open a recording studio at my expense. When given an ultimatum to complete the project or pack up his things and we would hire someone else, he chose to quit but not before stealing fixtures and tools that was purchased by me for my basement. The police were immediately called and of course he and his partner left the scene before they arrived. His actions has turned into a criminal matter which is now a legal matter. Charges have been filed. Court dates have been set. This contractor and his cohorts are crooks. He is a liar and a thief who’s wife Karen works with him. They will try to bully you when caught. Mr. Roberts of “Fix It Today” ripped me off for Thousands of dollars. Hire him and allow him into your home at your risk. His business has a D rating with the BBB. My basement is finally completed. However, I hired another contractor having paid twice to have the work done.

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