Flag City Furniture & Bedding

Flag City Furniture & Bedding

Yet another place using the cover of a mom and pop store as an excuse to ignore any modern conventions you would expect from a licensed retailer. BBB, Facebook, Google, and other sites are littered with reviews where products were genuinely defective or damaged and this retailer regularly takes forever to get back in touch with people, refuses to process warranty or repair requests, and gives you the run-around. Reading their responses too, it’s obvious they are not a customer service heavy company. EVERY SINGLE RESPONSE the company makes to someone with an issue calls them a bully, unreasonable, over-demanding, and supposes things about the peoples lives. They post things that are blatant lies (saying furniture is not damaged followed by the customer posting photos of damaged merchandise), they call people bullies for asking for service, and they will come out to your house to look at your stuff – but will never even call the manufacturer after taking photos (potential violation of Magnuson Moss warranty act). | Is it likely that over a dozen people are all horrible customers and not one person with a complaint is actually valid – or is it more likely that once they have your money they’re done? | This isn’t a mom and pop shop. This is a couple that got into business for the money who wear the clothes of a mom and pop shop to desperately hide the fact that they are penny pinching misers that would rather lose a customer than spend a few more bucks on a warranty claim while trying to pretend that they are some sweet old couple being persecuted by the world and everyone else is horrible people. | Yeah right.

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