Fletcher's Tire & Auto Services

Fletcher's Tire & Auto Services Review

I bought 3 tires for my utility trailer from Fletchers.( Hi-Run )…ST 205/75D14 6PR..H180 LZ1004 are what they said were good tires for my tailer. ( April or May 2015 purchased ) | Loaded my trike M/C …and headed for South Dakata, then on to Montana and back to Payson,Az. | 3,335 miles later and two lines of tire tread were ground down to the bald of the tire. | The opposite tire was warn bad enougn to be classified as NG..no good..but Jason said he couldn’t due anything with that tire because there was tread still showing. | Ri-Run tires are poorly constructed and should be used for ” Destruction Derby ” vehicles only. | Allowing these tires on the roads of the USA is a crime to the people of the country. | I know it’s not about saving lives in the U.S. that would be too logical. | So It must be about the almighty Do$$ar, that keeps this junk, from China, continuing it’s destruction in our country.

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