Florida English Bulldog Rescue

Florida English Bulldog Rescue

We have another case of a rescue holding a lost dog hostage in exchange for money. In January 2018, Mr. Banales and his children lost their one-year-old English bulldog IGOR. Raised from birth. Has a microchip and a tattoo. Just a few days ago Florida English Bulldog Rescue found him. He was injured with a broken jaw, obviously hit by a car and not “abused”. They have raised $2,238 from donors. Animal & Exotic Medical Center has been treating him without permission by the legal owner is Mr. Banales. | After looking for two whole months he finds IGOR on their page as “RICKY BOBBY” and contacted the rescue. Rescue tells him if he wants to see his dog he would need to give them $1,500!!! We were sent all their messages. They have not notified their donors of this unscrupulous attempt to extort money and deprive the owner of his dog. They have not notified their supporters the owner has been found. | The rescue seems to think extortion is legal and their personal hold time is just 10 days. It is 90 days, not 10 days folks. They say he can’t have his dog unless he gives them $1,500 yet they falsely insinuated this dog was ‘abused’. Did they say that for extra donations? Do the donors know this is happening? They keep deleting his posts. | This rescue needs to return IGOR to his family. The police are being contacted and that will be followed up with a demand letter by an attorney. They raised $2,238 in donations and want more money out of a poor working family with children. Shameful. | facebook.com/FloridaLostPetsItsNOTFindersKeepers/posts/776537419207671?comment_id=777220499139363&notif_id=1520659920383441&notif_t=feed_comment_reply&ref=notif | Even up till 2 hours ago the rescue was STILL trying to convince Julio to sell them his dog and not pick it up. Here is one last fact from the rescue. It is outrageous to offer to buy the dog you held hostage for $1,500 and then say you didn’t and then try to buy him two hours before you are forced to return him. | According to the owner the veterinarian’s paperwork does NOT indicate a second surgery is needed or $1,500 more of care is needed. Igor / Ricky Bobby just needs a check up. So what surgery is needed huh? Where is an additional $1,500 justified? An X-ray is between $100 to $200. | This felt like a scam from minute one and we’re going on the record as saying it is. The foster family wanted to buy him even two hours before meeting the owner. Desperate to keep him. Makes us wonder if this was a foster to adopt. | IGOR is now with his owner and should have never been held hostage by Florida English Bulldog Rescue. | Please follow the link to read how this despicable organization tried, unsuccessfully, to extort money from a person looking for their lost dog. | DO NOT support these thieves. BEWARE! Check their site regularly for dogs up for adoption. They do NOT check surrounding counties as this is how they steal dogs and claim no registered microchip….the dog up for adoption may be your fur baby.

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