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I contracted to sell my home and purchase my new home via Florida Home Realty. I found the new property I wanted to buy and my agent found a prospected buyer for mine. I entered a conditional contract to purchase the property after my home had sold. My agent told me to submit a refundable deposit of $1000; I did so. The contract could not be completed because the buyer for my home was not approved for the FHA loan he requested. When I attempted to have my deposit returned my agent said the other property owner was out of the country and would have to sign a release for my deposit to be returned. He requested I wait a week. After not hearing from anyone for a month I went to the business and again requested to speak with the owner. She declined but returned my email saying I could use the deposit to purchase another property through her business but it could not be returned with signatures of the other party. I was then contacted by my agent and informed when the offer expired I could then have my deposit returned. I emailed this as a question to the business owner who reponded by having someone from her office call me and inform their staff attorney had drafted a letter requesting signatures on the release form and could not return my deposit until the release was signed.

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