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I bought a Nissan Sentra from Flowers Nissan in Thomasville, Georgia in 2015. On the 06/20/2016 I brought my car to the Service department for them to do the regular oil change and inspection maintenance, I drove my car to a beach last weekend so on the wheels there are some mud and sands got stuck in it. The receptionist over there whose named Billy tell a mechanic in the back to drive my car on the road to check if there are some problem s. After they tested it they automatically drove my car back to the rack and took the two front wheels off and rolling them to the back using a utility warer pine to run water throughout it, they called that “repair” and declared to charge me $95 dollars for that without my consent of approving or not, they just did it and went to the waiting room where I sat since the beginning to tell me my car wouldn’t run if I don’t let them clean up the wheels. | I was felt of being ripped off by those dishonest crooks so I was politely denied the service by saying ” No thanks, I am in a hurry and I need to go!”. The guy in the reception desk said I can go but I have to pay the whole amount which is $99.97 plus tax and shop fees which is totally an almost $100 for an unfinished carwash likes that. I later called them and asked for a refund, they said they will not refund me except if letting them finish the rest of the job. I really don’t need that kind of ripped off service, they are crooked and dishonest people, I came to their dealer to talk to them face to face and they walked me to the back into an isolated room and locked the door up. | Overthere they become yelling at me and intimidated me and threat using the police to put me in jail for asking the money back, they also threatened to use violence on me because I don’t want to give bup my right, they screaming, yelling and cursing at me and my family like nobodies and they forced us to leave or they will call police. Later the police come and intimidated me to leave or they will make an arrest on me for violent their private business. I have no choice but went home with loosing my money and the rights got stepped on by those crooks and the corrupted police. I don’t know who I can trust at this time but I feel like there are no protection or defending for customers like us to against those dishonest crooks in the auto service business!?

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