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Fluidity Fitness / Fluidity Direct Review

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There are some serious problems with the dvd (not with the exercise system itself) that consumers need to be aware of, or injury can ensue: In one critical exercise, the instructor has us holding the bar with our hands (in many of these exercises, the exercisor leans back while holding onto the bar.) the instructor states that the exercisor should bend the supporting knee (leg.) then the instructor discusses the other leg, instructing us to lift it behind us while bending the knee. The instructor then immediately says to lean toward the knee. Since the instructor has just been discussing the lifted knee, it is logical to think that that is the knee the instructor means, and so to lean toward that knee (while holding on to the bar in front). However, that can result in serious ligament injury to the supportive knee.in fact, it is the supportive knee that the exerciser must lean toward!!! But this is not made clear in either the voice over or in what we are able to see of the figure on the screen. Throughout the entire tape, the instructor races through each exercise in an almost breathless manner. Directions are often not precise enough. And without clicking constantly to pause the remote, the beginining customer will probably find it difficult to comfortably follow the pace. And the “easy” version that beginners are supposed to follow is often not even on the screen! We are often only shown the intermediate version alone. This is a very poorly organized and produced dvd that should be re-edited and re-produced before consumers use it. Having said that, I should also mention that the system itself seems to be an excellent concept. It is only the presentation of this particular beginning tape that is not as “user friendly” or perhaps even as safe as consumers have a right to expect. By the way… It took my supportive knee weeks to heal from the 2 seconds of leaning toward the wrong knee!!! In fact, it is still healing, and I am only hoping that it will eventually heal completely. And I should also mention that nowhere on the printed material that came with the system, or even on the website, could I find a number to call for support, questions, or feedback! And that is exactly why I am sending in this caveat. People deserve more support than this when they are embarking on a new major exercise system.

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