FlyGuys, Inc.

FlyGuys, Inc.

This company promises “Immediate and painless entry into the drone industry” They promise to add you to a network of drone pilots. They wanted either $99 a month or $199 a month to be in their network. 5 months later, they haven’t sent me one single job after paying them $400 and their is no refund policy. Do you get your fee refunded? No. So these Fly Guys want $1,200 to $2,400 a year where the other service want $0 unless you actually get and bill a job. | I have another friend who got one job from them in three months. Basically what they are doing is collecting thousands of dollars per month from Drone Pilots deperate to get some work and spending a portion of it on online advertising while pocketing the rest as profit. So essentially it’s a bit of a pyramid scheme in that you have multiple pilots paying in to a big pot and only a small portion of those pilots benefiting. | Total scam. You’re better off using any of the free drone service market places where you only pay a fee if you actually get a job.

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