Ordered 100 stacking chairs and 17 tables from Larry Hoffman of The Chair Company. I inquired about placing an order on September 28th, 2017, he responded quickly, mailed me a sample of the chair, and then proceeded to call me multiple times a day until I placed the order. (Probably to avoid me finding so many negative reviews in the mean time) | He took a check over the phone for the full amount in mid october, this was his reassurence for faster delivery and to avoid a 3% credit card fee, and then told me to contact him when I was ready for the chair delivery. I set up a delivery date shortly thereafter. It took another month of phone calls and emails. I would call him, he wouldn’t answer, but would call me back with an excuse or reason that the chairs were not available. First they were in the New Jersey warehouse, then tennessee, then they were in the Houston warehouse. A refund in full was sked for. I sent him a paypal account to transfer the money into because i read reviews about bounced checks. He then stopped answering altogether for a little while until I called one of his distributors. They were very helpful in getting our order together. | However, when we thought 100 tables and 17 chairs were coming our way from California, we found out through the shipping company that Larry’s payment had declined. Larry will email you a bid of laden and shipping papers that look very legit but they are false. You have to call the shipping company to verify it. Best done when larry is on the phone. We finally were able to get part of the order shipped, the 17 tables. I got a call from the shipping company alerting me that larry pulled the chairs from the order. finally got a proper tracking number and 17 tables arrived december 29th, 2017! Now more phone calls ensued to larry and the distributor. Finally, only after a letter from my lawyer, did larry work it out with the distributor to send the 100 chairs. we received them January 19th, 2018, however, we did not recieve the 100 ivory chair cushions. So we are still in it with larry. | We wrote to the California better business bureau. which surprisingly he responded to. He apparently gets his mail at 9415 Culver blvd 164 Culver City, Ca 90232. They really aren’t much help in shutting him down , but i recommend you filing officially so your claim can be on record for litigation purposes. His positive reviews are written by him. He is Larry Harvey. Harvey is his middle name. | Please Don’t ever buy anything from larry hoffman. he is a scam artist. What legit business has several websites, email address, and phone numbers? He has cost me thousands of dollars by him not sending the chairs on time. I had to cancel or postpone events. Unfortunately, it is not over, I still need the cushions I paid for. | Why isn’t there a class action lawsuit again him yet? Contact me if any has started one.

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