Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company

Wow. Ford engines die at 100 thousand miles. This is the email I sent to Ford and they really blew me off. Feel free to share this. | “Hello, | Ford is a company that my family has been loyal to for generations. We have owned Pintos, Escorts, Mustangs, F-150’s (we lived in Texas), my older brother even had a Fairlane that he lovingly restored. My first tour vehicle as a performer back in 1984 was a Ford E250, and my current two vehicles are a 2011 Fiesta and a 2006 E150. | But now, after only 104,000 miles, the E150 has thrown a rod and the engine is dead. 104,000 should honestly be the half-life of any well manufactured vehicle. Long gone are the days when 100K was “high mileage.” Consumers most certainly expect a quality product to last 200-250K without anything as major as an engine failing. | I purchased the van with only 50,000 miles on it and have maintained it perfectly for my entire ownership as I’m meticulous about maintenance. I fully expected to drive this van for many years to come and get at least another 5 years and 100K miles out of it before something this major appeared! | I certainly expected standard maintenance such as brakes, rotors, starter, alternator, etc…but an engine needing replaced at 104K is not something anyone should expect. Instead, in a short two years, I am looking at a complete engine replacement with an insane price quoted from the dealer of $6300! The vehicle barely has a blue book value of this figure, and I still owe $11K on the loan today. | Surely this is not what Ford wants it’s reputation to be- that when you inch just past 100,000 miles this supposedly durable vehicle will suffer the worst repair possible? As an international performer with many thousands of followers on our social media pages we love to speak highly of the things we love; be they books, movies, quality service, or reliable vehicles for our performer friends. I very much want to tell my followers the story of how Ford stood by their product and helped get an engine replaced in our van so that we could continue to tour and perform for families at Performing Arts Centers around America. That’s a good story, and it should be a Ford story. Instead, the current story is “my van is sitting dead at the dealer while a friend lets me borrow his Chevy truck to go to Canada this week where we almost missed a large show with thousands of spectators, due to our Ford breaking down.” | We were very lucky this happened only 30 miles away, considering we were 600 miles away from home just days before that. This is why reliability and trust is SO vitally important to us. | As you can see, the current story sucks and we’re hoping you can help us find a way to give the story a happy ending so we can get back on the road! Back to performing, back to our fans, and back to 30 more years of owning great Ford products and telling everyone we know about “that one time, Ford really stood by their product and took great care of us.” | I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

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    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020
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