I have $41,000.00 invested in this fund . The contract was to pay 3% monthly on the investment money which I never received. The percentage changed to 1 % for a while but for the last 6 months has not paid at all. I repeatedly asked for my money back but have not be able to get it. I NEED HELP. WHERE DO I START ?. I demand ALL OF MY MONEY BACK. Stay away

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United Lending Services Company [ULSC] Complaint

Company will guarantee a match with a lender, and they do just that, however you can apply for free online your self. They are willing to

Maxworth Realty India Complaint

Booked a plot and paid 30% of the amount but the plot registration hasn”t happened for more than 2 years now. I cancelled the

Orlando International Airport (MCO) Complaint

About 5;45AM, 9th September 2018 I entered the parking garage using the Sun Pass prepaid entry gate like I have numerous times, the gate

Bay Yacht Agency Complaint

BYA said they could set up a system for me to obtain a sailboat that paid for itself by taking out a loan, chartering it out for five,

Bradley Dunn Lighting & Design

This man makes unstable furniture! The shelving unit he sold me fell apart within a week and I had a fish bowl on it, so the water damage

They claim to provide qualified appointments for financial industry. I bought 25 appointments for reverse mortgages at $74.00 each and