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Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) seized my package. Initially they assured me they will forward my purchases from UK to Germany and that I can pay them with credit card. In email correspondence I stressed I can pay only with credit card. | So I purchased consumer electronics item on Amazon UK with delivery to UK address provided by forward2me. | When package arrived forward2me did not notify me. I had to use tracking number provided by Amazon UK to find out package was delivered to them. I contacted them via their website and requested package to be forwarded to me in Germany. They responded after few days and wanted me to pay around 60 British Pounds for forwarding small 2kg package. When I tried to pay with credit card they said my card was declined. I contacted my credit card company who said otherwise. I was also able to see pending charges from forward2me on my credit card account. | I responded to forward2me with screenshot of pending credit card transaction and a message from credit card company to prove card was not declined. In response forward2me said they now do not accept credit card payments. | Since forward2me breached agreement I requested package to be returned to Amazon UK but forward2me demanded 10 British Pound wire transfer to arrange return. My local bank does not offer international wire transfers and forward2me was aware of this, they deliberately decided not to accept my credit card so they could seize my package.

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